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Foundation for New York's Strongest

The Foundation for New York’s Strongest, Inc. is the official nonprofit organization of the New York City Department of Sanitation.

Supported by private funding and in-kind donations, the Foundation leverages non-traditional strategies to promote sustainability and advance the essential services Sanitation employees provide by:

  • Emphasizing New York’s Strongest as one of the City’s emergency responders and highlighting their critical, daily service;
  • Forging partnerships with private-sector organizations to move New York City toward sending zero waste to landfills by 2030; and
  • Working to establish an educational museum dedicated to DSNY’s rich history, current operations and vibrant future.


DSNY launched its Foundation for New York’s Strongest with a bold new clothing line at an unprecedented 2016 Fashion Week event. Unveiled at DSNY’s critically acclaimed Spring Street salt shed, fashion designer Heron Preston created a ready-to-wear collection to keep used clothing from decomposing in landfills – while celebrating our emergency responders. Best known for his work with Kanye West and Nike, he built upon street-style by repurposing decommissioned DSNY uniforms and thrift store finds. This creative use of secondhand materials highlighted Sanitation’s workers, reuse programs and zero-waste goals. The fundraising event drew international attention to the Department’s zerowaste-to-landfills goal – drawing supporters from as far away as South Africa who purchased Heron’s one-of-a-kind garments.

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