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Foundation for New York's Strongest

The Foundation for New York’s Strongest, Inc. is the official nonprofit organization of the New York City Department of Sanitation.

Supported by private funding and in-kind donations, the Foundation leverages non-traditional strategies to promote sustainability and advance the essential services Sanitation employees provide by:

  • Emphasizing New York’s Strongest as one of the City’s emergency responders and highlighting their critical, daily service;
  • Forging partnerships with private-sector organizations to move New York City toward sending zero waste to landfills by 2030; and
  • Working to establish an educational museum dedicated to DSNY’s rich history, current operations and vibrant future.

How to get Involved

The Foundation is growing its leadership team and looking to bring on Deputy Directors to take hands-on responsibilities in operations, fundraising, and creative work, and to lead projects within the three core missions of the Foundation. This is an exciting opportunity to help build and shape the future of year-old non-profit, backed by the Department of Sanitation, that has already achieved some significant success, from an unprecedented event at NYC Fashion Week to highlight the role of Sanitation Workers and the impact of reuse in the fashion industry, to a 1,200+ person event to bring together key stakeholders in the food waste reduction space. Click on the postings below to learn more.

Deputy Director, Operations
Deputy Director, Development
Deputy Director, Creative
Deputy Director, Culture
Deputy Director, Partnerships
Deputy Director, Museum Planning

The Foundation is issuing an open call for to invite interested parties to propose projects in support of the mission of the Foundation and critical Foundation operations. This may include, but is not limited to: partnerships, fundraising, marketing, branding, public relations, public education, and public services. Respondents to the RFEI are requested to submit a proposal for a project that advances one or more components of the Foundation’s three-part mission or operational needs, and to specifically outline how their proposal advances the Foundation’s mission or operational needs. Click on the posting below to learn more.

Request for Expressions of Interest

Microgrant Program

The Foundation for New York’s Strongest has launched its Microgrant Program for city businesses looking to address food waste in their operations. The grants, worth up to $15,000, aim to help New York City businesses prevent, recycle or recover their food waste.

The Foundation’s Microgrant Program will provide support for city businesses taking action to address food waste. Proposals will be accepted from businesses that are working towards food waste prevention, recovery and recycling solutions already, or wish to get started. The Foundation will award grants of up to $2,000, plus technical advisory and other goods and services, to businesses that can demonstrate a need for support and a viable implementation plan. Businesses may partner together to submit companion applications which, in total, may receive up to $5,000.

Through a technical advisory partnership with New York State, as well as matching funds and donations of supplies, equipment and in kind support, the Foundation will be able to offer grant packages valued at up to $15,000 per grantee.

Read the press release.

New York City Food Waste Fair

The NYC Department of Sanitation’s Foundation for New York’s Strongest will host the largest exhibition of food waste solutions at this summer’s NYC Food Waste Fair. Offering a “soup to nuts" approach to preventing, recovering, and recycling food waste, the NYC Food Waste Fair will equip New York City business owners and managers with the knowledge, tools and connections they need to build a food waste prevention plan from scratch, or take existing programs to the next level. The fair will be held on Tuesday, July 25 at the Brooklyn Expo Center. To exhibit, sponsor or attend, visit

Read the press release from the preview event.

Read the press release from the NYC Food Waste Fair.


DSNY launched its Foundation for New York’s Strongest with a bold new clothing line at an unprecedented 2016 Fashion Week event. Unveiled at DSNY’s critically acclaimed Spring Street salt shed, fashion designer Heron Preston created a ready-to-wear collection to keep used clothing from decomposing in landfills – while celebrating our emergency responders. Best known for his work with Kanye West and Nike, he built upon street-style by repurposing decommissioned DSNY uniforms and thrift store finds. This creative use of secondhand materials highlighted Sanitation’s workers, reuse programs and zero-waste goals. The fundraising event drew international attention to the Department’s zerowaste-to-landfills goal – drawing supporters from as far away as South Africa who purchased Heron’s one-of-a-kind garments.

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