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Solid Waste Management

The Solid Waste Management Unit is responsible for the disposal of all municipal solid waste and recyclables managed by DSNY, and for long-term waste export programs. The Unit consists of Solid Waste Management Engineering, the Export Contract Management Unit, marine and land-based transfer stations, and the Fresh Kills landfill and long-term export programs.

The Export Contract Management Unit handles DSNY contracts with private vendors who operate municipal solid waste and putrescible and non-putrescible solid waste disposal facilities, including transfer stations and waste-to-energy plants. DSNY also has City-owned and -operated transfer stations.

Solid Waste Management Engineering is principally responsible for the design, construction, closure and post-closure care, and end-use development of the 2,200-acre Fresh Kills landfill. Solid Waste Management Engineering develops and implements long-term waste export programs and the City’s Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan for 2006–2025 and the Solid Waste Management Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement.