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Solid Waste Management Plan

SWMP Approval Letter

Transmittal Letter


Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Waste Prevention and Recycling

Chapter 3 - Long Term Export Program

Chapter 4 - Commercial Waste Management

Chapter 5 - Other Planning Initiatives

Glossary with Acronyms and Definitions


I.  Planning Unit

II.  DSNY-managed Waste Quantities and Projections for Plan Period

III.  Waste Characterization Activities

IV.  Commercial Waste Quantities and Projections for Plan Period

V.  Biosolids, Medical Waste and Dredge Spoils Management

VI.  Recycling

VII.  Rationale for Amending Local Law 19

VIII.  DSNY Operations

IX.  Commercial Waste - Status of Existing Programs

X.  Fresh Kills Closure Construction and End Use

XI.  Economic Analysis of Long Term Export and Alternatives

XII.  List of Public Repositories

Southwest Brooklyn Converted Marine Transfer Station

Independent Environmental Monitoring Reports





Hamilton Avenue Marine Transfer Station

Daily Throughput Rates and Hourly Number of Incoming Vehicles