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Manhattan District 4, 4a & 7 Garage

DSNY Manhattan 4 and 7 Garage
Manhattan District 4 and 7 Garage

The Manhattan District 4, 4A, and 7 Garage displays a “wave wall” façade of curved glass that defies all stereotypes of a Sanitation garage. This undulating front entertains viewers with a pixilated truck washing show that takes place behind a specially designed glass brick wall along its 12th Avenue face. A strategically placed 11th Avenue arch allows pedestrians to proceed through the enormous complex without increasing neighborhood congestion.

With four truck storage floors, a central ramp, ample parking in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, and state-of-the-art employee and personnel facilities, the garage is both a functional and an aesthetic marvel. Its ability to achieve architectural excellence while serving practical community needs earned it the prestigious Art Commission of NYC’s Excellence in Design Award in 2003.