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City Calls 2009 Christmas Tree Recycling Program a 'Tree-Mendous' Success

January 28,2009 | Vito A. Turso/Matthew LiPani

Press Release # 09-03, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty announced today that the Department collected 122,235 discarded Christmas trees at curbside across the city from Monday, January 5th through Friday, January 16th.  The trees were turned into mulch that will be spread upon parks, community gardens and open spaces citywide. 

In addition, Parks & Recreation's 13th annual Mulchfest recycled 17,083 trees on Saturday, January 10th and Sunday, January 11th, an increase from last year's Mulchfest that took in 13,137 trees.  Thus, the total number of discarded Christmas trees collected and chipped by the City this year was 139,318.

"Once again, Sanitation and the Parks & Recreation Department joined forces to help our environment by recycling discarded Christmas trees.  The benefit of chipping Christmas trees goes well beyond the holiday.  By composting discarded trees, the city can distribute the groundcover among parks, as well as grass and woodsy public areas across the city.  Enriched soil and healthy plant life go hand in hand to keep City parks and public spaces looking their best," said Commissioner Doherty.

The DSNY's final tally of Christmas trees collected, by borough:

  • Manhattan - 42,798
  • Bronx - 10,878
  • Brooklyn - 26,433
  • Queens - 29,152
  • Staten Island - 12,974