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Sanitation Cleans Up 34 Tons of 'Ticker Tape' From New York Giants' SUPER BOWL XLVI Victory Parade Tuesday

February 10,2012 | Vito A. Turso/Matthew LiPani

Press Release # 12-11, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

After the festivities were over and the last piece of ticker tape fell to the ground along the prestigious “Canyon of Heroes” for the New York Giants’ Super Bowl XLVI victory parade, the New York City Department of Sanitation collected 34.06 tons of parade debris. 

The Department had 336 men and women assigned to the parade cleanup.  They operated 30 mechanical sweepers, 14 collection trucks, 129 backpack leaf blowers, and other street cleaning equipment in order to clear the streets. 

Tuesday’s Giants parade was one of several ticker tape parades up the Canyon in recent years.  They were:




New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Win

34.06 tons

New York Yankees World Series Win

56.55 tons

New York Giants Super Bowl  XLII Win

34.2 tons

NY Yankees Subway Series World Series Win

46.7 tons

New York Yankees World Series Win

57.4 tons

John Glenn & NASA Astronauts   

12.9 tons

New York Yankees World Series Win

43.9 tons

New York Yankees World Series Win       

50 tons

New York Rangers Stanley Cup Win

20.5 tons