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The NYC Department of Sanitation keeps New York City healthy, safe and clean by collecting, recycling and disposing of waste. Sanitation teams provide regularly scheduled curbside recycling and garbage collection for households, public schools and nonprofit organizations in certain buildings – and collect food scraps and yard waste from properties in the organics collection pilot program.

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Residences: Recycling + Garbage Collection

Residences: Food + Yard Waste Collection


Foam Products

Some products can’t be easily recycled. Case in point: expanded polystyrene, or EPS. Known as the foam used to make coffee cups, the Department collects more than 28,000 tons of EPS each year. Foam is lightweight and comprises a substantial amount of litter on our streets, waterway and beaches – and banning EPS cups, plates, containers and packing peanuts is the best way to keep this foam from landfills. In January 2015, Commissioner Garcia determined that foam recycling is not feasible. While a New York State judge has recently overturned the City’s ban on EPS, DSNY is exploring ways to keep this material from landfills.

Schools: Separation, Schedule + Setout

Schools must separate recycling and garbage – and schools receiving DSNY collection service may not sell recyclables. Schools using private carting companies must follow setout rules for businesses, listed above.

Collection Schedule

Curbside Setout

Collection Questions

Food + Yard Waste Collection

What Can’t Go in Recycling + Garbage

Nonprofits + Agencies: Separation, Schedule + Setout

The following links provide information for nonprofits and agencies that receive DSNY recycling and garbage collection service. DSNY service is provided to nonprofit organizations in buildings funded by the City or properties that are exempt from real estate tax.

Collection Schedule

Curbside Setout

Organics Collection

What Can’t Go in Recycling + Garbage

Specially Handled Items for Agencies

Derelict Bicycles

Bikes chained to public property or harming a City tree may be deemed derelict by DSNY and marked for removal. Once marked as derelict, the owner has seven days to remove it.

Derelict bikes do not include bikes attached to NYC Department of Transportation Bike Share docking stations or ghost bikes (memorials to the deceased, typically painted white and marked with placards).

A bike is derelict if it meets any three of the following criteria:

  • It is crushed or unusable.
  • Its tires are missing or flat.
  • Parts are missing (other than the front wheel or seat).
  • The handle bars or pedals are damaged or the frame, rims and forks are bent.
  • 75% is rusted, including any attached chains.

Report a derelict bicycle by calling 311.

Unauthorized Removal of Collectibles

Unauthorized removal of garbage and recycling is illegal. Learn More

Report Observation of Recyclable Material Theft