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Auto Batteries Take-Back

If your business sells new lead-acid batteries, you are required by law to accept used auto batteries for recycling.

What's covered: Any lead or sulfuric acid vehicle battery of six or more volts.

Businesses affected: Retailers that sell new lead-acid batteries to consumers (including auto parts stores and repair shops), and distributers and manufacturers that sell lead-acid batteries to retailers.

How To Comply

Allow anyone to return up to two used auto batteries to your business each month.

Prominently display a sign saying, "It is illegal to discard vehicle batteries. State law requires us to accept vehicle batteries at no charge for recycling." The sign needs to have the recycling symbol. Download free signs.

If a customer buys a new lead-acid battery from you without returning an old one, collect $5.00 as a return-incentive fee. Refund the $5.00 if the customer returns the old battery within 30 days.

Ensure that the auto batteries are properly recycled, or managed and disposed of as hazardous waste.