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Automotive Products

Motor oil, batteries, filters, and solvents must be recycled or disposed of safely; they cannot be discarded with regular garbage.

Motor Oil & Batteries Take-Back

Retailers that sell oil and service stations that change oil must accept up to five gallons of used oil per day, per person, for free. Places that sell batteries are required to take back used batteries at no charge.

For more information, or if you encounter problems trying to return these items, contact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which enforces the returns of motor oil and batteries.

Motor Oil Recyclers

The following businesses accept used motor oil; contact them or check their websites for details:

DSNY encourages businesses to use recycled motor oil. Re-refined oil brands include Chevron's ECO, Ecoguard, Enviroil, Evergreen, and Firebird.

Auto Battery Recyclers

The following businesses accept used batteries:

Tire Retreaders

Retreading bonds new tread to the existing body of a tire using a process very similar to the manufacture of a new tire. The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau maintains a database of retread retailers.

Solvent Disposal & Recycling

These businesses accept used solvent for recycling, or sell solvent-recycling equipment; check their websites or contact them for details:

Oil Filter Recyclers