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Private Waste Hauler Requirements

If your business is engaged in landfilling, grading, land improvements, or changing existing property grades by adding fill material, you must have a Fill Material Operation permit.

Intermodal solid waste transfer facilities (facilities where solid waste is transferred to rail, vessel, or other transport for shipment to a treatment or disposal facility) must be registered with DSNY.

Operators of putrescible solid waste transfer stations (transfer facilities for solid waste with organic matter that tends to decompose and form odors) are required to have a Solid Waste Transfer Station permit.

Non-putrescible solid waste transfer stations (also known as construction and demolition transfer stations) must have a Non-Putrescible Solid Waste Transfer Station permit.

Fill-material transfer stations (which handle clean earth, dirt, concrete, rock, gravel, stone, and sand) are required to have a Fill Material Transfer Station permit.