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Unwanted Medicaton Take-Back

Because they can pollute waterways, most unwanted medicines should not be discarded down the drain or in toilets. Pharmacies are encouraged to accept unwanted medication from customers for safe disposal.

What's covered: Over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs

Businesses affected: Pharmacies, hospitals/clinics, nursing homes

How To Participate

Here's how to participate in this take-back program:

Partner with a vendor and provide customers with postage-paid collection envelopes for them to mail back unwanted medicines, or collect medications on-site.

If you choose to collect medication in your store, place collection containers in a secure place where only qualified pharmacy employees can access them.

Inform customers about the dangers of flushing medicine down the toilet.

Make it clear that you cannot accept controlled substances, and be sure people know that illegal drugs must be turned in to the proper authorities.

Put up a sign telling people that you accept unwanted medications or provide postage-paid envelopes. Download free signs.