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DSNY Collection

Before discarding any refrigerator or freezer, water cooler, dehumidifier, air conditioner, or other type of appliance containing Chlorofluorocarbon gas (CFC—also known as Freon), call 311 or request an appointment online for DSNY to recover the CFC gas and collect the item for recycling.

If your organization is disposing of a large quantity of appliances, contact the local DSNY garage

Recycling: Recycle all non-CFC appliances along with metal, glass, and plastic items. Such appliances will commonly be made of metal or rigid plastic. Remove all batteries before recycling to avoid fires.

Garbage: If the appliance is made of a material other than metal or rigid plastic, discard with your regular garbage.


Some companies have programs that take back used appliances. Before disposing, check the manufacturer’s website for details.