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Specially Handled Items for Nonprofits & Agencies

Some items—such as electronics, recyclable batteries, and fluorescent bulbs—require special handling by law. For information on how to properly dispose of these items, refer to How To Get Rid Of for Nonprofits & Agencies.

All institutions in the city are required by law to recycle and therefore can’t place designated recyclables with regular garbage. Learn what to recycle for nonprofits and agencies.

City agencies must follow specific rules for safe handling of certain items.

The following items require special handling, either because they’re dangerous to DSNY workers or to the environment, or because they’re too large for garbage containers.

Broken glass or fragile items should be double-bagged.

Bulky items that won’t fit in garbage or recycling receptacles can generally be placed at the curb the night before the scheduled collection day. Take care not to block neighboring property or pedestrian walkways, and do not place any items in the street.

Carpets, rugs, and lumber should be free of nails and staples, and securely tied into bundles no more than 2 feet high and 4 feet long.

Cooking oil and grease can be placed in a container, like a frozen juice container, a beverage carton, or a take-out container. Label the container “Cooking Oil – Not for Recycling” and discard with regular garbage. Alternately, put cooled cooking oil/grease in a plastic bag and freeze before discarding. For more info., see Grease Disposal Tips for Residents.

Large glass items like windows and mirrors should be taped before being thrown away with other bulk items.

Liquids can be soaked up with kitty litter, newspaper, or other absorbent material so they don’t leak.