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Food Scraps + Yard Waste

Food scraps, spoiled food, food-soiled paper, and yard trimmings and plants – collectively known as organics or organic waste – comprise almost one-third of the waste that the NYC Department of Sanitation collects. Instead of throwing away organics as garbage, separate it for composting so it can enrich our environment, not damage it.

New Yorkers can recycle organic waste four ways:

1. Be part of Sanitation’s Organics Collection Pilot Program;

2. Compost at home or in your community; or

3. Take your food scraps to a residential drop-off site; or

4. Share a bin!

Curbside Collection Pilot Program

DSNY’s curbside collection of organic waste reduces the load sent to landfills, deters pests by using rodent-resistant bins and generates valuable products, such as compost to enrich soil and renewable energy. Residents in the food and yard waste pilot program should set out their organic waste according to their neighborhood's collection schedule.

Pilot Program Overview

Participating Areas (PDF)

Houses & Small Buildings (1-9 units)

Large Buildings (10+ Units)

What Goes in the Brown Bin

Request to Participate

Compost at Home or in Your Community

Composting at home is a great way to reduce your waste, and to recycle organic nutrients close to where they can be used best. The NYC Compost Project, funded by DSNY, helps to reduce waste and works to rebuild City soils by giving New Yorkers the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to produce and use compost locally.

Educational Materials

Workshops + Getting Certified

Purchase a Backyard Composting Bin

Contact the NYC Compost Project

Join Our Network of Community Compost Sites

Include an Information Table at Your Public Event

Volunteer or Visit an Urban Farm or Composting Site

Drop-Off Program

Other Collection Programs

The Department offers different opportunities to compost throughout the year. Visit this website regularly or sign up for the NYC Zero Waste newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

Yard Waste Collection

Wood Debris Disposal

Fall Leaf Collection

Christmas Trees

Landscaper Yard Waste