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How To Get Compost

After turning food scraps, yard waste and fallen trees into compost, DSNY makes it available to residents, city agencies and nonprofits for use in gardening, soil mitigation, street tree stewardship, or habitat improvement projects.

Request more than 60 bags of DSNY compost for NYC street trees, community gardens or public greening initiatives.

Compost Distribution Events

NYC Department of Sanitation Compost Giveback
When: May 21, 2017; Time: 9am to 5pm
Where: Fresh Kills Headquarters, 1010 Muldoon Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312

NYC residents can receive up to 60 bags (while supplies last) of free, high-quality compost (a natural soil amendment) at our spring giveback! Compost creates healthier soil which leads to healthier plants.

Each bag of compost weighs approximately 40 pounds, so check your vehicle manual to make sure you do not exceed your vehicle’s weight bearing capacity. Please note: while DSNY staff will be present to assist residents, you should be prepared to physically lift and place individual bags of compost into your own vehicle.

This event is not for businesses; commercial vehicles will not be serviced. Only vehicles registered to NYC addresses can pick up compost.

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Other Ways To Get Compost

The NYC Compost Project creates compost from materials accepted at food scrap drop-off sites throughout New York City. The compost is donated to local greening initiatives to rebuild NYC’s soils. Contact the NYC Compost Project for more information.

To get compost from the NYC Compost Project Hosted by Big Reuse, fill out their compost request form.

To get compost from the NYC Compost Project Hosted by Lower East Side Ecology Center, fill out their compost request form.

Compost For Commercial Landscapers

Registered commercial landscapers can purchase bulk compost from the Staten Island Compost Facility. Find out how to register.