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How To Get Organics Collection Service

Small Residential Buildings

Most residents living in buildings with 1-9 units will automatically be enrolled in the program, as we expand to all neighborhoods across New York City. Check our list and map of neighborhoods served.

If your building is currently eligible and you have not received a brown bin, you can request a bin.

Please note that 1-9 unit buildings in Manhattan and in certain Bronx neighborhoods are not eligible to join the curbside organics collection program. See below for other ways to compost your food scraps.

Buildings with 1-9 units located along commercial blocks must enroll to receive the free brown bins.

Large Buildings and Commercial Blocks

If you live in an apartment building (10+ units) OR along a commercial block, your building must enroll to receive free brown bins.

We work with individual buildings to develop a site-specific plan to participate in DSNY’s curbside organics collection program. Your building’s participation in the program requires the approval of building management.

Submit an inquiry to request organics collection.

Other Ways To Compost Your Food Scraps

You can take certain food scraps for composting to food scrap drop-off sites located throughout the five boroughs.

If you live in or near an area that receives NYC organics collection, and you see a brown bin at the curb for collection with the Share my bin! label, you can place your food scraps in that bin.

Learn how to compost at home or in your community with the NYC Compost Project.