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Junk Mail

Recycling: Place catalogs, shredded paper, windowed envelopes, and paper (including paper with staples) with mixed paper and cardboard recycling on your regular recycling day.

Garbage: Discard other items with garbage on regular pickup days.

Unsubscribe from Unwanted Mail

GreenNYC offers New Yorkers a free, easy way to opt out of unwanted mailings like catalogs, phone books, and coupons. This service allows you to search by company to opt out of your unwanted mail. In addition, it helps match you with many other available opt-out services.

Register online or by mail to the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service. This association represents a large volume of U.S. marketing mail. Their opt-out service, which has to be renewed every five years, allows you to opt out from all of their members. It covers national, not local, mail, and is available only for residences, not businesses.

Remove your name from lists used for credit card offers.

Stop delivery of Yellow Pages.

You can also contact companies directly to ask them to cancel duplicates or remove your name from a mailing list. Call or write their customer service department; you can also tell companies not to rent or sell your address. Remember that the next time you order something from the company, your name will go back on the list, so you may need to repeat your request.

If someone you know has died, remove their name from commercial marketing lists through the Direct Marketing Association’s Deceased Do Not Contact List (DDNC).

Stop receiving unwanted advertisements on your doorstep. NYC property owners can post a sign to let advertisers know not to leave any unsolicited circulars and solicitations in the building. There are even procedures for reducing the amount of unwanted solicitations distributed in apartment buildings where some of the tenants still want to receive these advertisements. See more information, and sample signs and citizen complaint forms.