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Mercury Containing Devices

It is illegal to discard mercury-containing devices with your garbage or recycling.

SAFE Disposal Events & Drop-Off Sites

Mercury-containing devices are accepted at Household Special Waste Drop-Off Sites. Liquid mercury and mercury-containing devices are accepted at SAFE Disposal Events.

Take-Back or Drop-Off

Visit the Thermostat Recycling Corporation to find a location to drop off mercury thermostats.

For other mercury-containing items, contact a hazardous waste recycler; here are two databases to search for information:

  • NYS Recycling Markets Database—an interactive database hosted by Empire State Development to help users locate outlets for materials that can be reused, recycled, or composted.
  • Verizon Super Pages—use search terms such as “hazardous waste disposal,” “harmful product removal,” “hazardous waste recycle.”

Purchasing Tips

When remodeling your home or updating your heating system, be sure to ask your contractor to carefully remove and recycle your thermostat.