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NYC Compost Project Education Programs

The NYC Compost Project provides compost education for New Yorkers of all ages and experience levels.


Composting workshops are offered throughout the year in each borough, covering topics like indoor and outdoor composting, sustainable gardening and lawncare, and caring for street trees. Contact the NYC Compost Project program in your borough for information and schedules.

Master Composter Certificate Program

The Master Composter Certificate Program trains New Yorkers to create, maintain, and improve home- and community-scale composting operations. The seven-week course covers soil and decomposition science, composting systems, compost site management, how to use finished compost, and techniques for teaching others about composting. Learn more and apply online.

Composting Education Materials

The NYC Compost Project produces educational materials about composting to download or order for free. Learn about composting on your own or share the information with community gardeners, students, neighbors, coworkers, and community groups.