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NYC Organics Collection

The DSNY Organics Collection pilot program currently serves approximately 270,000 households in all five boroughs and will continue to expand to include additional neighborhoods over the next several years.

Why is DSNY offering this service?

Organic waste accounts for about 31% of all waste generated by residents in New York City. Organic waste includes yard waste, food scraps, compostable paper (napkins, paper plates, etc.), and other materials suitable for industrial-scale composting.

Operating a curbside program can help NYC reduce waste sent to costly landfills, deter pests by storing food waste in special rodent-resistant bins, and create compost (a natural soil amendment) or renewable energy.

Who is eligible for NYC Organics Collection?

Residences: houses and small buildings with less than 10 units in pre-determined pilot areas automatically receive this service.

Residences: large apartment buildings with 10 or more units and buildings along commercial strips can request to receive this service.

Schools: public schools managed by NYC Department of Education are enrolled in pre-determined cohorts; private schools that meet certain eligibility requirements are invited to sign up to start service.

City agencies and non-profit institutions can also request to participate in NYC Organics Collection.

How to Enroll & More Info

To request NYC Organics Collection in your apartment building, city agency, or nonprofit organization, submit an inquiry online.

Single-family homes and small apartment buildings in pilot areas(except for buildings along commercial strips) automatically receive service, as well as selected public schools.