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Organics Collection in Large Buildings (10+ Units)

To request NYC Organics Collection in your apartment building, submit an inquiry online. If you live in a large apartment building that is participating in the NYC Organics Collection, follow these guidelines for recycling organic waste.

Organics Collection Tips for Residents

Collect organic waste separately from your regular garbage and recycling. You can gather food scraps and food-soiled paper in any container or bag. Find a convenient, accessible place to store your container.

To prevent odors and make clean-up easier, you can line your container with newspaper, paper bags, or DSNY-approved certified compostable liner. (See the map below for stores that carry compostable bags.)

Bring your organic waste to your building’s designated organics collection area. To prevent odors in your brown bin, be sure to latch the lid shut after depositing your organics.

If you have any questions about the organics collection in your building, contact your building super or management company.

To order free recycling decals and information on NYC Organics Collection, use the recycling materials request form.

What Goes in Organics Bins:

  • Food scraps like vegetables, fruit, baked goods, coffee grounds and loose tea, cereal, flour and grains, pasta and rice, nuts, eggs and eggshells, dairy products, meat, fish, and bones.
  • Food-soiled paper such as paper towels, napkins, paper plates, coffee filters, and tea bags.
  • Plant and yard waste such as flowers, houseplants, leaves, garden trimmings, and grass clippings.

Don’t Put These Items in Organics Bins:

  • Plastic or foam packaging, take out containers, plastic bags, utensils, containers of cooking grease or fats, pet waste, hygiene or medical items, or cleaning products.
  • Recycle your metal, glass, plastic, and cartons, and clean paper and cardboard separately.

Organics Collection Tips for Building Management

Collecting organic waste separately from garbage provides several benefits for building staff. The building’s garbage is cleaner and lighter, and takes up less space. There are fewer spills from loose, uncontained garbage bags, and fewer rodents and insects when the bins are maintained properly:

Store collected organic material in designated areas, and keep the bins and collection areas clean.

Line the outdoor brown bin with either a clear plastic liner, a brown paper bag (these are compostable), or a certified compostable bag. See the map below to find stores that carry compostable bags. Liners help keep your bin clean, and are separated from organics during processing.

Post clear and easy-to-read signs near the bins. Label organics bins with orange DSNY organics decals or with the words “Organics Only.”

Set out organic material for DSNY collection on your designated organics collection day.

Stores That Carry Compostable Bags