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Recycling: Rigid plastics and metal can be set out for recycling. See exceptions.

Garbage: If not predominantly metal or rigid plastic, discard as garbage.

Take-Back or Drop-Off

Flexible Plastic Packaging: Terracycle collects difficult-to-recycle materials that use flexible plastic packaging, such as drink and food pouches. Schools, community groups, and individuals can sign up for Terracycle “brigades” and get credits for recycling these materials.

Disposable Coffee Pods: Empty and rinse disposable coffee pods before recycling with your metal, glass, and plastic. To ensure the best end use for your coffee pods, use a manufacturer take-back program such as nespresso.

The UPS Store and Mailboxes Etc. accept packaging peanuts and bubble wrap.

Purchasing Tips

When you shop, look for products that have no packaging, or minimal packaging with single layers and single materials. Look for recyclable packaging and packaging with a high recycled content.

Buy the largest size products that are practical, if you’ll use the product and have storage space. “Economy-size” items use less packaging than multiples of the small and single-serving sizes.

Say “no bag, thanks” whenever you can. Reuse plastic bags or bring your own reusable bag.

New York City water is safe and healthy; use tap water instead of buying bottled water. If you are concerned about the tap water in your home, consider purchasing a water filter instead of bottled water. Some filters can be recycled through manufacturer take-back programs.