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Residential Generators of Private Carter-Collected Waste

For the most part, all residential buildings in NYC are entitled to DSNY collection. However, there are some exceptions—including buildings where owners have opted to have private carter service, buildings still under development and without a certificate of occupancy, and buildings in areas that are undergoing zoning changes.

If your residential property generates waste for private carter collection, you’re still required to recycle. You’ll need to separate your recyclables according to the following guidelines:

Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, and corrugated cardboard must be kept separate from other trash, metal, glass, plastic containers, aluminum foil, and construction waste. They may be mixed with bulk metal.

Bulk metal must be kept separate from trash and construction waste, but it may be mixed with corrugated cardboard, or with metal, glass, plastic containers, and aluminum foil.

Metal cans, aluminum foil, glass, and plastic must be separated from regular trash, corrugated cardboard, and construction waste.

Place recyclables in clear bags for collection, unless they will be collected in a vehicle with a separate compartment for metal, glass, and plastic materials.