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As with residences and institutions served by the Department of Sanitation, schools must be sure to organize their recyclables and garbage correctly and set materials out for collection at the proper time. Schools using private carters should follow Setout Rules for Businesses.

Collection Schedule, Setout Requirements + Questions

Collection Schedule

Curbside Setout

Collection Questions

Food Scraps + Yard Waste

What Can’t Go in Recycling or Garbage

Collections After Snow + Severe Weather

DSNY’s regular collection schedule may be suspended due to snow storms or other severe weather. When collection is suspended, missed collection complaints are not accepted for that day. Set out garbage on the night of the holiday for collection starting early the next day. Set out recyclables and organics for collection on their next collection day.

In addition, during DOE holidays and breaks all School Truck and Organics Collection service is normally suspended; recycling and garbage are collected on the same days as your local neighborhood.

What to Recycle, Special Handling + Requirements

What To Recycle

Recycling Checklist

Required Special Handling

Recycling Laws

Mandatory Sustainability Coordinators + Sustainability Plans

Principals at NYC Department of Education schools and charter schools receiving DSNY collection service must appoint a school sustainability coordinator to promote recycling procedures – and create an annual sustainability plan that outlines waste-reduction and recycling goals. Because school recycling involves coordination between key staff members, each year the principal, custodian engineers and sustainability coordinators must agree to and sign the sustainability plan.

At private schools, the custodian engineer or building or facility manager is typically responsible for the school’s recycling program.

Setting Up Recycling

Recycling Setup For Schools

School Staff Training Videos

Custodian Setup / Internal Recycling + Trash Collection

Curbside Recycling and Trash Setout

Cafeteria Setup for Organics + Recycling

Cafeteria / Kitchen Collection of Organics + Recycling

Stopping Theft of Recyclables

Schools receiving DSNY collection may not sell recyclables to vendors. When recyclable materials are placed curbside for collection, they become property of the City, and removing them is illegal. It’s theft. People who remove and drive away with recyclables ready for collection in front of a residential, institutional or commercial building can face fines up to $2,000 – and the City can reward people (PDF) who help us identify thieves who are fined.

Report Recycling Theft