Water Management

We will protect and preserve New York City's water from contamination, the risks of aging infrastructure, and the impacts of climate change.


Challenges & Opportunities

Water is one of our most precious resources and must be valued and managed wisely. Safeguarding this invaluable natural resource while delivering high-quality drinking water, wastewater services, and stormwater management to residents of New York City requires a holistic approach to water management.



We will manage our drinking water supply to maintain its world-renowned quality and will manage our wastewater treatment, stormwater management, and drainage systems to improve the quality of our local waterways and beaches, as well as ensure every neighborhood receives a high level of infrastructure services.


Protect the city's water supply and maintain the reliability and resiliency of the water-supply system.


Install or repair 500 water fountains and water-bottle refilling stations across the five boroughs.


Expand green infrastructure and smart design for stormwater management in neighborhoods across the city.


Reduce pollution from stormwater runoff.