Sports & Recreation

Find a Marina

Find a marina run by the City.

Find a Playground

Find a public playground.

Find a Public Beach

Find a public beach.

Find a Public Golf Course

Find a public golf course.

Find a Public Ice Skating Rink

Get information about public ice skating rinks.

Find a Public Swimming Pool

Find a public swimming pool.

Find a Recreation Center

Find a recreation center.

New York City Bike Map

Get a bicycle map for New York City.

Adult Lap Swim

Information about the adult swim program giving adults the chance to swim without interruption from other swimmers.

BeFitNYC Information

Get information about free and low-cost fitness and recreation opportunities.

Bicycle Information and Assistance

Get free bike maps, helmets, transit access, parking, rules and safety information.

Camp Information or Complaint

Get information or make a complaint about a summer, day, or overnight camp.

Event Calendar Information

Get information about events, including recreational and cultural events, park events, street events such as fairs and parades, and government meetings.

Find a Horseback Riding Trail

Get more information about horseback riding trails run by the City.

Fireworks Display Information

Get information about legal fireworks displays that have been issued permits by the Fire Department.

Learn to Swim Program Information

Get information about a program that provides swimming lessons at public pools.

New York City Bike Map

Get a bicycle map for New York City.

Shape Up NYC

Find locations of free fitness classes.

Sporting Event Information

Get information about sporting event schedules, venues, and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Summer Fun Guide for Youth

Get a guide to Citywide youth activities and events.

Brooklyn Cyclones Information

Get information about the Brooklyn Cyclones, including schedule and ticket information.

New York Mets Information

Get information about the New York Mets, including schedule and ticket information.

Yankees Information

Get information about the New York Yankees and Staten Island Yankees, including schedule, ticket and stadium tour information.

Field and Court Requests

Apply for a permit to reserve a field or court in a park.

Sidewalk Banner Permit

Apply for a permit to hang a banner over a sidewalk.

Special Permit for Physical Culture Establishment

Get information about a special permit that is required to open and operate a health club or similar business in New York City.

Street Activity or Parade Permit

Apply for a permit to hold a street fair, block party, parade, protest, or other street event.

Tennis Permit

Apply for a permit to play on a public tennis court.

Beach, Pool, or Sauna Complaint

Report an unsanitary condition, missing or broken safety equipment, or improper maintenance at a beach, pool, or sauna.

Illegal Gambling Complaint

Report illegal gambling.

Lifeguard Complaint

Make a complaint about a lifeguard.