Arrest Warrant Information

Get information about an arrest warrant issued by the New York City Police Department.

Arrested Person Location

Find a person in police custody.

Bail Refund Information

Get information about cash bail refunds.

Certificate of Good Conduct, Relief or Disposition

Get a Certificate of Good Conduct, Certificate of Relief, or Certificate of Disposition.

Correctional Facility Pass for Attorney or Lawyer

Request a pass for a member of the legal community to enter a Department of Correction facility.

Inmate Information

Get information on inmates in the custody of New York City's Department of Correction, including visiting rules, court dates, bail, and instructions on how to give items or money to inmates.

Inmate Jail Release Services

Get information about health care, housing assistance, employment assistance, substance abuse treatment, case management, and other services for formerly incarcerated people.

Inmate Property Pickup

Find out how to get personal items stored at Rikers Island.

Jail System Complaint

Make a complaint about the City jail system.

Juvenile Detention Information or Center

Get information about juvenile detention centers.

New Age of Separation for Adolescents and Adults in Jails and Prisons

Information on the new State law that lowers the inmate age for separation.

Adult Probation Supervision Information

Get information about the Department of Probation, which supervises adults placed on probation.

Juvenile Probation Supervision Information

Get information about how the Department of Probation supervises juvenile offenders on probation.

Parole Information or Violation

Get parole information or report parole violation.

Probation Warrant Enforcement Information

Get information about warrant enforcement.

Restitution as Condition of Probation Information

Get information about the conditions and enforcement of a probationer's restitution.

Criminal History Record Search

Get information about ordering a Criminal History Record Search on yourself or someone else.

Inmate Status for Crime Victim

Register to receive status information on an inmate or parolee if you are the victim of a crime.

Become a Correction Officer

Learn about becoming a Department of Correction Officer.