Eviction Prevention Assistance

The City provides information about the eviction process and assistance to prevent eviction.

The Legal Aid Society provides free legal services to people who have been served with formal Housing Court documents and are in need of eviction assistance.

The City offers the One-Shot Deal Program to those who qualify. Families and individuals with rent arrears who may be at risk of eviction can apply for One-Shot Deal rent assistance.

A Notice of Eviction is a document produced by a sheriff or marshal after a court has authorized a tenant's eviction. A marshal or a sheriff may send the notice by mail, deliver it in person, or post it on the tenant's door. The paper says "NOTICE OF EVICTION" at the top and includes the name of the court, the marshal or sheriff's contact information, a Docket Number, and an Index Number.

After the Notice of Eviction arrives, the tenant has six business days to respond. If the tenant does not respond, the marshal or sheriff may take legal possession of the premises without further notice. Evictions are executed only on weekdays.