Illegal Dumping Complaint

Illegal dumping is when material (bags, construction debris, appliances, etc.) is dumped from a vehicle onto public or private property. You can report chronic illegal dumping.

The Department of Sanitation will monitor the location and try to catch the person in action but will not remove the garbage. If you are a property owner or manager, you are responsible for the removal of garbage from public sidewalks next to your property, even if it was dumped and you filed a report. You may get a ticket for garbage you should have cleared but did not.

Sanitation may help with the removal of unusually large items dumped in the street or sidewalk but does not remove items from private property, including community driveways and parking lots.

Through the Illegal Dumping Reward Program, you may be eligible to receive half of the fine collected for an illegal dumping crime. You must witness illegal dumping and fill out an affidavit that leads to a conviction.