Bed Bug Information or Complaint

You can report bed bugs in private residences, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) property, hotels, single room occupancy (SRO) buildings, New York City public schools, CUNY colleges, hospitals, and subways.

An inspection will be conducted and if bed bugs are found, the residential building owner may get a ticket. Inspections may be conducted with a bed bug-sniffing dog. To report bed bugs in a private house or apartment, you must be a tenant in the building, and you must provide your contact information.

Under the NYC Bed Bug Disclosure Act, landlords must notify prospective tenants in writing about any bed bug infestations that have occurred in their building in the past year. If you want to complain about landlords who are not complying with this law, you should contact NYS Homes and Community Renewal at (718) 739-6400.

To report bed bugs in businesses, nonprofit organizations, or child care facilities, you should contact the manager or owner of the facility.

You can get information about:

  • Preventing and safely eliminating bed bug infestations
  • Bed bug health risks
  • Regulations for managing and preventing bed bugs in New York City
  • Best practices for pest control professionals

If you are a private homeowner, you should hire a pest control professional licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to evaluate the pest problem and to exterminate if required. Licensed exterminators should always provide proof of their license upon request.