Bicycle Chained to Public Property

The City accepts reports of unusable bicycles chained to parking meters, streetlights, street signs, and City-owned bike racks.

The City defines bicycles with two or more of the following characteristics as unusable:

  • The bike appears to be crushed or not usable.
  • The bike is missing essential parts such as handlebars, pedals, rear wheel or bicycle chain.
  • The handlebars, pedals, spokes, frames or rimes are damaged or bent.
  • 50% or more the bike is rusted, which includes parts like the frame, handlebars, pedals and bike chain.

The City also accepts reports of any bicycle, usable or unusable, chained to and harming a City tree.

The City does not accept reports of usable abandoned bicycles chained to public property other than a City tree.

The City does not accept requests to remove "ghost bikes" that have been placed on public property as roadside memorials to those who have died.