Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Director On-Site Test

A candidate's supervisor must make the request to schedule an on-site Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Director test. Candidates cannot schedule their own tests.

To qualify for the EAP Director on-site test, the candidate must:

  • Hold an F-58 or F-25 Certificate of Fitness as a Fire Safety Director for the building in question
  • Pass a 7 hour approved EAP Director course
  • Pass the EAP Director written test

Before requesting an on-site test, the supervisor must:

  • Ensure the candidate is qualified by the Certification Unit
  • Have the candidate's full name and Social Security Number ready to include with the request; you cannot email this information separately

In the case of hardship, the supervisor can request an emergency overtime test Monday to Friday after 5:00 PM or on Saturday. You must agree to cover additional overtime expenses.