Missed Garbage, Recycling or Organics Collection

If your garbage, recycling, or organics remain uncollected at 8 AM the day after your service day, you can make a complaint.

To make a complaint, items must:

  • Be from a residential building
  • Be placed out properly between 5 PM and midnight the day before the scheduled day
  • Remain curbside

You cannot make a missed collection complaint if your scheduled service day was suspended due to a City holiday or emergency. Once you make a complaint, leave your trash curbside for collection. The City will collect it 1 to 2 days after receiving your report.

If a holiday occurs on your garbage day, you may put the garbage out after 5 PM on the holiday. The City will pick up the garbage within 4 days of the holiday.

If a holiday occurs on your recycling day, the recycling will be collected the following week.

If a holiday occurs on your organics day and you live in Brooklyn, put the items out for your next collection day. Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island residents should put the items out after 5 PM on the holiday for collection the next day.

The City does not service commercial recycling or refuse. If you have debris from a major construction or renovation project, you must hire a private carter or arrange for a private construction dumpster.