NYC Connected Broadband Technology Opportunities Program

The NYC Connected - Broadband Technology Opportunities program consists of a series of initiatives that:

  • Enhance access to broadband services to underserved areas of New York City
  • Provide broadband education, awareness, training, and support to schools and other community support organizations
  • Stimulate the demand for broadband, local economic growth, and job creation

The NYC Connected Learning initiative is a program developed to provide low-income sixth grade students citywide with free computers, discounted broadband service, digital literacy training, technical support, and an array of educational resources that link the home and school learning environments.

The NYC Connected Foundations initiative is a program developed to help transfer students develop skills necessary for graduation and a successful transition to college or career. Connected Foundations serves these students and their families at transfer high schools through digital literacy training, free netbook computers and access to discounted broadband service.

The NYC Connected Communities initiative is a program that expands the availability and capacity of public computer centers in New York City's highest poverty areas. The program invests in libraries, public housing facilities, senior centers and community centers located across the City. The program includes new and upgraded facilities, equipment and resources, extensive digital literacy training that emphasizes job readiness, and an array of outreach efforts.