Parking and Camera Violation Refunds

If a parking ticket or camera violation is overpaid, a refund is automatically mailed in 30 business days to the vehicle's registered owner if:

  • The amount owed was reduced by a hearing or appeal after payment was made
  • The same violation was paid more than once
  • The violation was not a parking ticket or camera violation and was paid in error
  • There are no outstanding parking or camera violations in judgment

A Parking and Camera Violations Refund Form must be submitted for booting and towing fee refunds. It must also be submitted if someone other than the registered owner of the vehicle paid the tickets and is requesting the refund.

You can submit a refund request online or download a Parking and Camera Violations Refund Form to send your request by mail.

The Department of Finance usually takes about 3 weeks to process a submitted refund form.

Learn more about parking and camera violation refunds.

Request a refund online.

Download the Parking and Camera Violations Refund Form (PDF).

Parking Meter Violation Code Error

Between April and August 2017, some tickets for failing to display a parking meter receipt or displaying an expired parking meter receipt were issued incorrectly. The Department of Finance has dismissed these tickets and is issuing refunds or credits for the fine amount, penalties, and interest paid.

Letters have been mailed to the registered owner of vehicles with affected tickets. If you didn't get a letter, your ticket has not been dismissed.

If you got a letter and have not paid the ticket, you don't have to do anything. All dismissals have been processed and affected tickets will show as being dismissed in the system. You can confirm that a ticket was dismissed by checking its status.

If you have paid the dismissed ticket and do not have any outstanding tickets in judgment, you will be mailed a check for the "Refund Amount" listed on the letter. If your refund hasn't arrived by December 15, 2017, please contact Finance for assistance.

If you have paid the ticket and have outstanding parking tickets in judgment, your refund will be credited to the amount you owe, and you won't receive a check unless your refund is more than the amount owed.