Scale Inspection

The City inspects scales and measuring devices used by retail stores, including grocery stores and bodegas, and airports to make sure they are accurate. All markets must have a scale in their prepackaged food section.

  1. Businesses can request scale inspections in one of three ways: Online, via the DCA website, using the Business Toolbox. Select Scale Inspection Request Form from the "Submit a Form or Request to DCA" drop-down menu.
  2. Email 
  3. Fax (718) 349-2576

The City will notify you of your inspection date within 15 days of receiving your scale inspection request (five days if you have a previously condemned scale). A City inspector will visit your business location unless you are a Mobile Vendor. Average inspection time is 15 to 30 minutes per scale.

The City will place a current official seal on scales that pass inspection.

You cannot use scales that fail inspection.