Young Men's Initiative

Over the next three years, the City and private foundations will invest more than $127 million in programs and policies designed to improve the futures of young black and Latino men by targeting the areas of greatest disparity. The initiative was formed based on an analysis into the barriers that black and Latino young men encounter, the disparities between them and their peers, and what the City could do to better connect them to opportunities. The investigation led to a set of recommendations in the “Young Men’s Initiative Report.”

The Report recommended that the City take the following actions:

• Reduce the achievement gap in schools by implementing targeted strategies and  improving outcomes for black and Latino youth in our public schools.

• Reform the juvenile and criminal justice systems so that our interventions produce  young people prepared for second chances and not to return to jail.

• Connect more black and Latino young men to employment by reducing the barriers they  may experience in obtaining work.
• Improve the health of young men, encouraging more fathers to be involved in the  lives of their children, and breaking the cycle of premature fathering.

Programs and policies will be launching over the next three years so please continue to check NYC.Gov for opportunities to provide services through the city’s RFP process or receive services.