Snowstorm Information

General Information
You can get snowstorm updates from the City’s NYC Severe Weather website. Register for Notify NYC to get alerts on services affected by the storm sent to you by email, text, or phone.

NYC Severe Weather
Notify NYC
NYC Hazards: Winter Weather

When it snows, the City first clears snow and ice from highways, snow emergency streets, bus lanes, and other primary routes. Then all other roadways are plowed. Complaints are accepted whenever roads are snowy or icy. When a storm operation is underway, the City uses these complaints to monitor the storm and does not respond to individual plowing or spreading requests. After the storm operation ends, the City responds to individual complaints.

Snow or Ice on Roadway Complaint
311 Snow Complaint Tracking
PlowNYC Snow Removal Tracking

Property owners must clear snow from their sidewalks. Complaints are accepted after property owners have had an appropriate amount of time to shovel. Assistance is available to seniors or the disabled who are not able to clear their sidewalks themselves.

Snow or Ice on Sidewalks Complaint
Snow Shoveling for Seniors and the Disabled

Delays and Suspensions
Sometimes due to snow, alternate side parking may be suspended. Garbage and recycling collections may be delayed or suspended. Very rarely, public school may be closed. These updates are announced:

If garbage and recycling collections are delayed or suspended, the City will not accept missed collection complaints for that day.

Alternate Side Parking
Garbage or Recycling Collection Schedule
Missed Garbage or Recycling Collection

You can get information about MTA subway, railroad, bus, bridge, and tunnel service changes from the MTA website.