Abandoned Vehicle

Public Property

With License Plates
You can report an abandoned vehicle with at least one fixed metal license plate or in-transit paper registration plate if it has been left on public property for at least 48 hours. Officers from your local police precinct will respond when they are not handling emergency situations. The vehicle's owner will be responsible for all towing and storage fees.

Without License Plates
You can report a vehicle without license plates abandoned on a City street or sidewalk. The Department of Sanitation will investigate and tag the vehicle. Once it is tagged, it will be removed within three business days.

Private Property

You can ask the Department of Sanitation to remove a vehicle without license plates that was abandoned by someone else on your private property. You must sign a waiver, make the vehicle accessible for removal, and pay a fee based on the price of scrap metal.

Make your request in writing to:
Derelict Vehicle Removal
Department of Sanitation
Central Correspondence Unit
59 Maiden Lane, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10038

Vehicles owned by the property owner are not eligible for this service.