Lobbyist Meetings Disclosure

Disclosures of registered lobbyists who lobbied the Mayor through April 30, 2016

Date Attendees Issue
4/12/2016 Gary LaBarbera Construction
3/29/2016 George Gresham & Ken Raske State Budget


Hector Figueroa

School Cleaning Reform


Steve Nislick & Wendy Neu

Horse Carriages


Chris Lehane



Michael Woloz & Michael Keogh

For-Hire Vehicles


Sid Davidoff

Development Projects


Michael Mulgrew & Henry Garrido

Legislative Priorities

10/8/2015 Chris Lehane AirBnB
8/20/2015 Wendy Neu & Steve Nislick Horse Carriages
7/29/2015 Robert Master Verizon Contract
7/28/2015 Sen. Alfonse D'Amato & David Poleto 421A & Costume Characters
7/17/2015 Israel (Izzy) Miranda EMS Tours
7/13/2015 David Plouffe For Hire Vehicles
6/29/2015 Wendy Neu & Steve Nislick Horse Carriages
6/20/2015 Sid Davidoff, Jeff Citron, Howard Weiss, Brian Simon, Vishaan Chakrabarti, Gregg Pasquarelli Civil Rights Museum
6/14/2015 Steve Cassidy Uniformed Service Pensions
5/28/2015 James Capalino Downtown Manhattan Heliport
5/28/2015 Lou Colletti Job Opportunities in Construction Industry
5/20/2015 Gary LaBarbera & Heather Beaudoin 421A Tax Abatement
4/30/2015 James Capalino, John N. "Janno" Lieber Residential Development
4/27/2015 Michael Mulgrew Legislative Priorities
4/21/2015 Steve Sinacori Construction Projects
4/14/2015 Ben Dulchin Affordable Housing
3/25/2015 James Capalino Chinese Tourism
2/27/2015 Steve Nislick & Wendy Neu Horse Carriages
2/18/2015 Michael Mulgrew School Discipline Reform
2/2/2015 Michael Woloz Doctor's Council Labor Issues
1/25/2015 Chris Shelton CWA Local 1180 Contract
12/12/2014 Jonathan Westin Affordable Housing
11/20/2014 Janice Enright & Harold Ickes JP Morgan Chase
11/13/2014 Hector Figueroa & Allison Hirsh School Cleaners Contract
11/10/2014 Hector Figueroa School Cleaners Contract
10/1/2014 Ethan Geto NYC FC Stadium
9/14/2014 Sid Davidoff Hunts Point Terminal Produce Market
9/9/2014 Peter Ward Airbnb
9/9/2014 Joel Giambra Capital Management Services, LLP
8/7/2014 Harold Ickes ATU
3/25/2014 Tony Marx New York Public Library
3/22/2014 Bob Master & Chris Shelton Communications Workers of America
2/28/2014 Michael Mulgrew United Federation of Teachers
2/22/2014 Vincent Pitta LICH and Local 1181
2/19/2014 Steve Spinola REBNY