Mayor Bloomberg Signs Legislation Renaming Fifty-two Thoroughfares And Public Places

July 1, 2013

Remarks by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

"The final bill before me today is Introductory Number 1045-A, sponsored by Council Members, Arroyo, Barron, Cabrera, Comrie, Crowley, Dickens, Dromm, Ferreras, Gennaro, Gentile, Jackson, Koo, Koppell, Levin, Mark-Viverito, Mealy, Mendez, Recchia, Reyna, Rivera, Rodriguez, Rose, Vacca, Van Bramer, Vann, Williams and Wills. This bill renames fifty-two thoroughfares and public places throughout the City.

"The first name I will read, Officer Glen Pettit Corner, in Manhattan, is a street named in honor of this police officer who died on September 11, 2001 and although this is a modest gesture, this local law demonstrates the City's commitment to always remember those who perished that day.

"The next five names I will read are streets named in honor of three US Army personnel, and two firefighters, all of whom died in the line of duty in the service to our City or our country.

Sgt. Jose Enrique Ulloa WayManhattan
Carmine Granito and William Smith WayStaten Island
Firefighter James Ruane WayManhattan
Lieutenant Patrick J. Sullivan WayBronx

"The remaining forty-seven names represent individuals or entities that are being honored for their lifetime accomplishments, and while it is not possible to describe the reason each individual or entity is deserving of a street name change, each City Council member who submitted a name presented a detailed justification for this honor.

Joe Perez WayBronx
Yomo Toro PlaceBronx
La 65 de InfanteriaBronx
African Burial Ground SquareBroooklyn
Gregory "Jocko" Jackson BoulevardBroooklyn
Arthur Hill WayQueens
Rev. Carl and Mother Helen Baldwin WayQueens
Jefferson Diggs WayQueens
Rev. Dr. John H. Boyd Sr. WayQueens
Monsignor Robert R. McCourt WayQueens
Lucile Hill WayQueens
George Gibbons Jr. WayQueens
Richard Italiano CornerQueens
Father Eugene F. Donnelly CornerQueens
Mary Sarro WayQueens
Anthony "Tony" Caminiti WayQueens
Dr. Rabbi H. Joel Laks WayQueens
Charles Ahl WayBroooklyn
Mildred Sutherland WayManhattan
Willie Mays PlaceManhattan
Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell WayQueens
Daniel Carter Beard Memorial SquareQueens
James V. Downey WayBronx
St. Philip Neri WayBronx
BARC AvenueBroooklyn
Linda Ballou WayManhattan
Rafael Tufino WayManhattan
Zurana Horton WayBroooklyn
Paul Podhaizer WayBroooklyn
Sister Mary Marcellus WayBroooklyn
Pomus PlaceBroooklyn
Roselyn A. Johnson WayThe Bronx
Ted Corbitt WayManhattan
Willie Mays DriveManhattan
Juan Rodriguez WayManhattan
Eden II LaneStaten Island
Ed Sadler WayBronx
Dominic Castore WayBronx
Carlo A. Lanzillotti PlaceQueens
Sculpture StreetQueens
Sunnyside Gardens Arena WayQueens
Benjamin Wheeler PlaceQueens
Jerry Ingenito WayQueens
Louis Rispoli WayQueens
Bishop Luther Dingle BoulevardBroooklyn
Yoseph Robinson AvenueBroooklyn
Christopher Rose WayBroooklyn

"I would like to thank the City Council for approving this legislation."

Marc LaVorgna/Evelyn Erskine

(212) 788-2958