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Draft Policies for Public Comment

Draft Policies for Public Comment

Please see the attached policy draft, Undue Familiarity, which has been signed by the Commissioner for 30-day public comment. I am requesting that it be posted on ACS’ website.

This policy establishes the Division of Youth and Family Justice’s (DYFJ) standards for interactions between employees and youth in secure and non-secure detention facilities, both as current and former residents, and their relatives. It also outlines the notification processes employees must follow when a youth with whom they have or had a relationship enters detention.

This policy is being submitted for a 30-day review period. We value your feedback and welcome your comments via email to no later than November 10, 2017. Comments can also be sent by mail to: ACS Policy Unit, 150 William St., 17th Floor, NY, NY 10038. Following a review of the submitted comments, this policy will be issued as final and the case practice expectations and requirements articulated within will become effective.

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