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Take Good Care of Your Baby - What Everyone Can Do

This booklet give parents and caregivers tips on how to avoid some of the most common and dangerous child and infant-related injuries, including window falls, drowning, shaken baby syndrome, and unintended poisonings in the home.

Child Safety Booklet: What Everyone Can Do

 Child Safety Booklet


  1. Never shake your baby
    It is a crime to shake a baby when your baby cries
  2. Never leave your baby alone
    At home outside the house in case of an emergency
  3. It’s safest for baby to sleep alone
    Put your baby ‘back to sleep’ to protect against SIDS
  4. Childproof your home
    Window guards prevent falls other ways to make your home safe prevent burns and falls if there’s a weapon in your home
  5. Protect against lead poisoning
  6. Be the best parent you can be
    Get help for alcohol and drug abuse quit smoking get help for depression a home without violence
  7. Choose your caregiver carefully: Think twice, then think again
    A good babysitter safe and nurturing childcare before enrolling your child

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Window Guards Save Lives

Each year, young children are injured or die in falls from windows. Even a fall from a first-floor window can kill a child. Window falls can happen in a second, but window guards can prevent them. And the law requires them.

The NYC Health Code requires owners of buildings of three or more apartments to provide and properly install window guards on all windows in an apartment where children 10-years-old or younger live and in each hallway window.

If your landlord refuses to install window guards or they aren’t properly installed, call 311.

Learn how to request window guards and how to get help getting them installed.

Download the brochure.