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Reporting attendance if you are an approved ACS provider and caring for fewer than 16 children:

Call the Child Care Automated Payment System (CAPS) at 1-800-692-0699 and follow the directions to enter the number of days children attended your program. If the CAPS system is busy, please be patient and try again later in the day; the system can get busy during the first week of the month. CAPS is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Checking the status of a payment for child care services

You may call CAPS or the Early Care and Education Call Center at 212-835-7610 to check on the status of payment.

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Requesting a Rate Increase

New York State Office of Children and Family Services established the maximum rates for New York City Child Care. Rate increases may be requested once a year and must be justified with documentation. The request and documentation process requires the submission of a completed application. Use the instructions and applications, based on the type of program/provider.

Beginning June 1, 2016 the age definition of infant and toddlers has changed for all in-home providers. The new definitions are:

  • Infants are defined as under two years of age
  • Toddlers are defined as two years to under three years

You will receive retroactive adjustments in upcoming payments. The retroactive adjustments will be included in upcoming payments. Continue to check this website for further updates.

Request a rate increase by filling out an application:

…I’m a Group Day Care Program:

…I’m a Licensed Group Family or Registered Family Child Care Provider

…I’m a Legally Exempt Group Day Care Program

…I’m a Legally Exempt (Informal) Provider

  • Also needed for submission:

    …I’m a Legally Exempt Group Day Care Program

    …I’m a Legally Exempt (Informal) Provider

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    Making Special Needs Requests

    Parents should contact the CUNY Professional Development Institute (PDI) at 718-254-7364 ext. 1 to request a Special Needs Request Application. All completed applications should be sent to the address on the application. Only parents can request and submit Special, Needs Request Applications, NOT providers. Special Needs Applications are only available for those children with an active child care subsidy case.

    • To complete the special needs designation, parents should follow instructions on the Special Needs Application (ECE-001), which involves giving part of the application to their provider to fill out. To request the special needs rate, providers should complete each provider-designated section of the ECE-001 and submit along with current documentation of disability and/or expenses related to care.
    • Child care providers are entitled to a reimbursement rate once they demonstrate and are approved for special child care services related to the appropriate care of the child and/or demonstrate increased costs as a result of the child care. Download Special Needs Instructions and Application.

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    Becoming an informal or legally-exempt child care provider

    According to New York State regulations, all legally-exempt or informal child care providers must be approved, enrolled, and monitored by the nonprofit organization, Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco).

    To become an informal provider:

    • complete a legally-exempt child care enrollment form, and
    • the parents/guardians of the children you care for must also complete and sign the “Parent Information Section” of the form.

    Legally-Exempt Child Care Provider forms and applications

    All comepleted necessary forms should be submitted to the borough-based WHEDco enrollment agency serving the location where child care is provided (see locations below). One set of forms should be submitted per family. Providers requesting to provide child care services to children in families receiving or applying for Cash Assistance should submit all of the necessary forms to the parent’s respective HRA Job Center.

    WHEDco Enrollment Agency Locations
    1309 Louis Nine Blvd
    Bronx, NY 10459
    (347) 708-7800
    109 East 16th Street, 3rd Fl
    New York, NY 10003
    (212) 835-7433
    Manhattan/Staten Island
    109 East 16th Street, 3rd Fl
    New York, NY 10003
    (212) 835-7162
    165-08 88th Ave, 2nd Fl
    Jamaica, NY 11432
    (718) 523-2834

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