News Items

Board Advocates for NYS Body Scanner Legislation

On March 27, 2018, the Board of Correction sent letters to NYS Assembly leaders to express support for legislation A6838 that would allow for the targeted use of body scanners in the NYC jails. The Board writes that, used in partnership with other new initiatives, the body scanners will undoubtedly contribute to a decrease in violence in the City's jails.

BOC Executive Director Martha King and Board Member Robert Cohen Provide Testimony to City Council

On March 15, 2018, the Board's Executive Director Martha King and Board Member Robert Cohen provided testimony to City Council's Committee on Criminal Justice and Sub-Committee on Capital Budget. Read ED King's statement.

BOC Publishes Two New Reports on Transgender Housing Unit and Splashings

On February 20, 2018, BOC staff published two new reports. Each provides new data, findings, and recommendations on areas of concern in the NYC jails. Using data analysis and observations, the Assessment of the Transgender Housing Unit studies the Department of Correction’s alternative housing option for transgender women in custody.

The Splashing Report is a start toward establishing a better understanding of splashings and their prevalence in New York City jails, Board of Correction (BOC) staff reviewed all occurrences of splashings reported in 2017. While preliminary, this report represents the most comprehensive public empirical analysis. Splashings are incidents when a person in custody intentionally causes an employee to come into contact with a fluid (ranging from water and milk to bodily fluids as spit and urine).