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Transportation/Public Safety

The Transportation/Public Safety Committee routinely reviews any projects, studies programs and services related to the use and condition of our local streets, sidewalks and highways, including infrastructure projects. The committee concerns itself with matters pertaining to improving transportation safety, access, circulation and mobility for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. Additionally, the committee regularly reviews intermodal transportation issues including public transportation systems (rapid and surface), the use of the airspace over the district, and maritime-based traffic. It also generally concerns itself with matters pertaining to the delivery of emergency services including, but not limited to, Police (76th and 78th Precincts, Housing PSA 1, Transit District 30 and 32, etc.), Fire, and Emergency Medical Services. The committee will routinely provide a forum for emergency service delivery agencies to communicate with the public and disseminates information regarding policies and programs designed to protect and ensure the safety of our communities.

Thomas L. Miskel, Co-Chair, Transportation
Eric McClure, Co-Chair, Transportation
Matthew Silverman, Public Safety

Third Thursday of the month

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