DOB NOW: Build

DOB NOW: Build, is the online platform for Professional Engineers (P.E.), Registered Architects (R.A.), Licensees, Special Inspectors, Progress Inspectors, Filing Representatives and Owners to submit jobs to the Department of Buildings.

DOB NOW: Build is currently available for the following areas:

  • Plumbing
  • Sprinklers
  • Standpipes

At this time, job submissions for these work types may still be submitted in the borough offices or through eFiling.

Registering for a DOB NOW Account

Your eFiling registered email and password should be used to log in to DOB NOW: Build. If you are not yet registered, please check the Registration Tips.

After registering for an account in eFiling, you can use DOB NOW: Build to:

  • File jobs and submit fees online
  • View and search information related to your jobs and permits
  • Upload documents
  • View objections
  • Schedule and review objections with a plan examiner in a virtual meeting
  • Receive emails at milestones throughout the application process
  • File Post Approval Amendments (PAA)
  • Make Corrections
  • Pull and print After Hour Variances
  • Pull and print work permits
  • Receive email with Letter of Completion.

Key Changes for DOB NOW: Build plumbing, sprinkler, and standpipe filings:

  • For applications filed in DOB NOW: Build, initial and renewal plumbing, sprinkler, and standpipe permits must be pulled online.
  • System-generated emails will be sent to applicants, filing representatives, owners and contractors at critical milestones in the filing process.
  • Plans and associated required documents can only be submitted electronically with the job application.
  • Appointments must be requested online. Meetings will be conducted virtually using GoToMeeting. No in-person appointments will be granted.
  • Payments can only be made online.
  • After Hour Variance permits are requested and issued against individual permits online.
  • Letter of Completion can be emailed and issued online.

Browse DOB NOW: Build filings

Jobs filed in DOB NOW: Build will not appear in BIS. You can access this information through the DOB NOW Public Portal or through the City’s Open Data Portal.

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Additional Information

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