Construction Safety

The Department of Buildings is committed to promoting safe and compliant construction and improving quality of life for all New Yorkers. Since 2008, the Department has enacted more than 25 new laws designed to increase safety at construction sites. New regulations include: a ban on smoking at construction sites, registration with the Department for contractors performing certain types of construction, demolition and concrete work and uniform color-coding of sprinkler and standpipes.

Chapter 33 of the New York City Construction Codes outlines safeguards required during construction and demolition work.

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Industry Notice

NEW REQUIREMENT: Site Safety Plans Mandatory on All Work Scopes Requiring a Registered Construction Superintendent
Effective November 6, 2017, all jobs requiring a Registered Construction Superintendent (CS) will also require a Site Safety Plan (SSP), as per Local Law 81 of 2017. Currently, only Major Buildings require a Site Safety Plan.

BEST Appointment Requirements
Effective immediately, all requests for BEST (Building Enforcement Safety Team) inspection appointments must to be submitted by email to Appointments are also required for all Pre-Demolition and Demolition Sign-off Inspections.

Site Safety Plan (SSP): Minor Revisions
Beginning July 1, 2017, minor revisions to the approved Site Safety Plan (SSP) need not be submitted to BEST Plan Exam Unit for review and approval. Instead, the contractor (permit holder) may revise the approved SSP, highlight the revisions, and sign the plan next to each revision.

Minimum Content of Site Safety Plan Submissions
Plan formatting and naming shall be in accordance with B-Scan Requirements document published October 2010. Plan must be in accordance with Article 104 (Construction Documents) and Article 110 (Site Safety Plan) of the Administrative Code; BC 3310.3 of Chapter 33 of the Building Code.

Earthwork Notification: 811 (Call Before You Dig) One Call Ticket Number Requirement
Beginning May 1, 2017, the Department of Buildings requires Earthwork Contractors to provide the 811 (Call Before You Dig) One Call ticket number when making normal notification of the commencement of earthwork.

REMINDER: New Construction Superintendent Rule
The Department is enforcing compliance with the recently-revised Construction Superintendent Rule (1 RCNY 3301-02) and May 2016 Industry Notice using random site visits and other tools at the Agency’s disposal.

REMINDER: Construction Superintendent Rule Revision Expands Scope of Work and Duties
1 RCNY 3301-02, effective May 30, 2016, expands the duties and changes the types of jobs requiring a Construction Superintendent (CS). Implementation of these changes will occur in two phases.

Minimum Content of Demolition Plan Submissions
Plan formatting and naming shall be in accordance with B-Scan Requirements document published October 2010. Plans must be in accordance with Article 104 (Construction Documents) of the Administrative Code.


Demolition Submittal Document Requirements: Exemption from Plan Submission
The Department will no longer accept plan submissions for sites that are exempt from plan submission under the current Code. The exemptions are for plan submissions and not exemptions from the need to file a demolition application (DM).

Determination Review Requests: CCD1 and ZRD1 Forms Updated
CCD1 and ZRD1 forms have been updated to improve our review process. The updated forms require submittal of additional information so Determination Requests can be completed more quickly.

Alternative Safety Systems: Cocoon & Climbing Concrete Form Work
Construction Code Determination Forms (CCD1s) will no longer be required for use of typical cocoons and climbing concrete form work, provided the following conditions are met. This notice applies to alternate netting (cocoon) or climbing form work systems used in lieu of typical vertical and horizontal netting systems required by the Code, hereafter referred to as alternative systems.

Construction Signage

There has been some confusion in the past as to the phone number requirements on various construction signs and the use of 311. We hope that you will find the following useful.

Sidewalk Sheds
Building Code Sect. 26-252 b - a sign is required listing the name, address and phone number of the permit holder and the permit expiration date.

Construction Projects
Building Code Sect. 27-1009 (c) - a sign is required listing the name, address and phone number of the property owner and the general contractor.

Demolition Jobs
Chapter 8 of Title 1 - Sect. 8-01 (d) (1) - a sign is required listing the name, address and phone number of the demolition contractor and the Department of Buildings complaint number - 311.

Site Safety Jobs
Chapter 26 of Title 1 - Sect. 26-01 (h) - these phone numbers are required in addition to those required by Sect 27-1009 for construction jobs above:
  • Department of Buildings - 311
  • The Building Enforcement Safety Team (BEST)
  • The Emergency Response Team (ERT) - 311
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) - 311

Sites Where New Building and Demolition Permits Are Required

1 RCNY 27-04 - a sign is required stating the following: "TO ANONYMOUSLY REPORT UNSAFE CONDITIONS AT THIS WORK SITE CALL 311"

All other specifications regarding letter size, square footage of sign, location, etc. can be found in the appropriate sections of law.


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