The NYC Human Rights Law charges the Commission with educating the public about the protections of the Law and encouraging understanding and respect among New York City’s many communities. To address this mission, the Community Relations Bureau (CRB) provides services through the Commission’s five borough-based Community Service Centers. The various services of CRB’s field operation compose its Neighborhood Human Rights Program (NHRP).

CRB works on a local level with:

  • Block and tenant groups
  • Educational, business, community, and religious groups
CRB is responsible for:

  • Educating individuals and communities about protections they have under the NYC Human Rights Law
  • Improving and stabilizing communities
  • Investigating and negotiating disability access complaints
  • Connecting individuals and groups to the Commission’s law enforcement functions and other City services
Programs CRB provides:

For more information on scheduling or attending a workshop, please call 311 or (718) 722-3131