Join Us At Our Fair Housing Symposium, April 27th
Fair Housing
    Our 5th Annual Fair Housing Symposium will feature discussions on disability access rights, combatting tenant harassment, and source of income discrimination.

Commissioner on Radio Show
Mosaic of images of Commission staff with Annual Report 2016 overlaid in text

    The Commission's 2016 Annual Report is now available for download.

    Read the report for notable moments, programming and statistics from the agency's Law Enforcement Bureau, Community Relations Bureau, Office of Chairperson, and Office of Communications and Marketing. 

    The NYC Commission on Human Rights 2016 Annual Report

Women's Rights Fact Sheet
    Our new Women's Rights Fact Sheet features examples on what constitutes harassment and how to report it, as well as other information on the Human Rights Law's protections based on gender.
Bias-Based Harassment is Illegal in New York CIty


    The NYC Commission on Human Rights is committed to combatting Bias-Based Profiling by Law Enforcement in New York City.

    Learn more with our Fact Sheet and Brochure.

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